toyo ito

The process is carried out with maximum transparency and trustworthiness. The client is able to follow the process, receiving at home reports concerning the state of the administrative process until the final purchase of property.

The process of buying property in Spain can be extremely complicated and our mission is to simplify it to the maximum, saving both time and resources.
We offer:

· Assistance and advice during the process
· Negotiation with the seller of the chosen property.
· Advice concerning the best juridical and fiscal options.
· The preparation and composition of all documents required by the Spanish public administration offices.
· The services of a notary known and trusted by us, as Spanish legislation requires the services of a notary in all property sales and purchases. Söder will be able to compose documents in English, French, German or any other language, as required.
· A power of attorney if the client is unable to attend the signing of any document.
· The carrying out of all administrative tasks concerning service providers or, if required, with insurers.