Who is who

Söder Property Management has been created by a lawyer and an engineer, who have identified the need to assess and assist all foreign buyers who don’t speak Spanish or Catalan, or who don’t have the necessary time or knowledge to carry out the purchasing of a property in Barcelona or Catalonia.  The complexity of legal and bureaucratic real estate transactions, added  to the lack of transparency and trustworthiness in the sector, turn what should be a pleasant experience into a stressful one with a high cost in time, travel and money.

Silvia has worked for more than fifteen years in Civil Patrimonial and Family Law at both national and international levels.  Roger has been working in the branches of construction, real estate and administration.  This enables them to form an experienced team, with one complementing the other.  A  knowledge of ways of working in Central and Northern Europe (both have worked in different EU countries) allows Söder to offer its clients a precise, high-quality, personalised, made-to –measure service.


Sílvia Cabrera: A lawyer with seventeen years of experience in Patrimonial Transactions and in Civil Law in general. She has a Master’s degree in Juridical Practice and a Master’s degree in Patrimonial Law.  Apart from Catalan and Spanish, she speaks English, Swedish and French.

Roger Fernàndez: A civil engineer, he has worked for fifteen years in the fields of construction and real estate. He has an MBA and has internationalised two real estate groups. Apart from Catalan and Spanish, he speaks English, French, Swedish and Italian.