The wide range of types of property in Catalonia (model, style and location) means that an extensive search is required.  Söder will facilitate and simplify this process, identifying the possibilities that could appeal to the client and presenting them with all the alternatives that coincide with their wishes.  In this way our clients won’t need to travel and will save costs.

We are Purchasing  Agents , working exclusively for our clients, we listen to what they want, search for the best options (from all agencies, promoters and individuals) and help with the complete purchasing process.



  • A personalised study of the necessities and requirements of our clients.
  • The sending of a report including properties or terrains which are compatible with the study.
  • The preparation of visits of preselected properties, accompanying and assisting the client during these visits.
  • A study of locations and the state of terrains and properties.
  • For older buildings we offer experts who will certify as to the condition of the building you may wish to buy.

If the process of sourcing leads to the acquisition of a property, we will help with the complete purchasing process.