Vermut Time

You will find it in many places, but here we give you some suggestions:

Xampanyet o Ca l´Esteve, Montcada 22

Cal Tano o Can Misèria, Bruniquer 30

El Roure, Lluís Antúnez 7

Cala del Vermut, Copons 2 i Magdalenes 6

Bodega Josefa, Saragossa 86

A very deeply rooted tradition where we are  is the vermouth time. Normally it takes place on weekends and if possible on a sunny terrace or in an old bodega, friends and families gather around olives stuffed with anchovies , cockles, beer, soft drinks and possibly a vermouth. And I say possibly because even if it is this drink that gave its name to the activity, it is not necessary to drink it to cheerfully say  that you attended a vermouth. In the summer, a very cold clara (a mixture of beer and lemon) also  works well.

Although for some years it fell into a not very deep sleep, lately it has been revived  and there is no modern person in town who doesn’t go for  a vermouth once in a while. The traditional places  have always maintained it  and the most fashionable bars have joined  the latest trend with a revised version without fanfare. And it is because a cockle is a cockle and either you want it with lemon,  or with a pinch of pepper or with Espinaler sauce, but nothing else.

The brunch, which is full of  European energy, has not replaced the vermouth in this city. They peacefully coexist.  And why not  alternate  between  a terrace and  a cellar and from the trendiest bar to a garden so as  not to miss an opportunity? Less is not  always more.